Adsense’de En Çok Kazandıran 100 İngilizce Kelime

Daha önce Adsense en çok kazandıran türkçe kelimeleri paylaşmıştık. Sıra asıl hedefimizde. Bu defa ingilizce en çok kazandıran 100 kelimenin listesini paylaşıyorum.

Bu listenin en tepesinde TBM 800 lira olan kelime var. Tabii ki bu kelimelerin rekabeti de çok yüksek. Yine de adsense dünyasında neler döndüğünü anlamak için yeterli ve gerekli.

Bu kelimeleri nasıl buldum?

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Eğer bu kelimelerden daha fazlasını isterseniz, yukardaki e-posta listemize kaydolabilirsiniz. Otomatik olarak en çok kazandıran 30.000 kelime e-mail adresinize gelecektir.

İngilizce En Çok Kazandıran Kelimeler

Anahtar KelimeAranma HacmiZorlukTBM ($)
public private hybrid cloud3063,19570,77
broadband internet business1062,78522,02
should i contact an attorney for a car accident4051,3514,67
what age do sign up for medicare2073,04449,66
longest losing streak14070,37422,82
find ios app developer2051,51415,35
compare vehicle insurance online1074,02406,29
spilled water on carpet14061,22395
change view on google maps app3080,89385,22
how to archive in outlook 201048079,48382,65
cloud computing business opportunities5068,33372,11
ac repair boerne tx7048,1360,73
cheap secure cloud storage5080,35358,23
best accident attorney in las vegas3068,87344,59
insurance new driver over 304079,28342,59
master of science in regulatory affairs1077,73342,13
mrp or erp3064,05313,98
enterprise central component1050,53313,95
average car insurance for a 22 year old male4074,22305,3
security advantages of cloud computing1052,89302,92
security advantages of cloud computing1052,89302,92
how to add pst file in outlook 20169071,99301,03
can you get car insurance under 181072,08297,75
day trade futures online2066,35295,84
cloud based call center software21063,53293,1
mesothelioma law firm keywords4030,09289,14
is car insurance cheaper in nj or ny1068,2285,05
apple cloud computing services7078,98284,36
recover data from raid 0 array4067,64283,87
best call tracking companies4057,32280,94
microsoft dynamics erp cost1059,13277,32
slip and fall knee injury1053,49275,35
car accident attorney fees11059,46272,23
does a 16 year old need car insurance7073,18271,65
business phone system companies4068,12271,16
raid 0 recovery32063,81270,8
running an internet business2072,73266,76
wifi direct means1085,4260,23
wifi direct means1085,4260,23
do i have car insurance1078,82259,65
best accident lawyer in las vegas2055,33258,46
cloud space for business9080,02256,04
best time to buy car insurance2081,13255,76
transfer car insurance ownership5075,65254,26
filing a claim against someone else’s insurance7062,09254,18
the best porn app1072,24250,3
how to value a hedge fund9068,69249,13
is mca car insurance1061,69247,91
virtual receptionist phone system for small businesses7062,79247,71
erp for automotive industry2054,44245,45
car insurance quotes for bad driving records9059,67244,67
top hr outsourcing companies1065,41243,69
car accident attorney raleigh nc3056,6242,6
sip calling google voice1066,53241,03
can i insure a car with a learners permit4075,47240,07
web server virtual host1076,71239,58
peoplesoft erp system1075,36239,08
what percentage do accident lawyers get7059,52236,88
onedrive for business file server replacement4059,43236,76
criminal defense lawyer skills needed4063,63234,17
top mesothelioma law firm4052,98233,46
does geico cover lost keys5075,31233,41
list of top mba programs in usa5085,2230,43
mark breyer net worth2076,1229,76
best help desk software for small business2068,43229,61
is devry nationally accredited1073,22228,14
thc water extraction3050,95227,91
tesla model 3 insurance rates2070,02227,63
cheap accelerated online degree programs7067,65226,76
amazon web services is which type of cloud computing5072,01225,63
car insurance for 25 year old female2078,94225,35
create facebook store free1065,88223,48
car insurance abu dhabi price3033,94223,4
how expensive is car insurance for an 18 year old4069,52223,33
how expensive is car insurance for an 18 year old4069,52223,33
is landlord responsible for bed bug removal in illinois2065,63222,96
erp medical1060,84222,65
erp features and functions1060,23221,55
new driver insurance cost nyc5076,47221,5
new driver insurance cost nyc5076,47221,5
best caribbean med schools2055,11221,12
bluehost web hosting plans1062,39220,64
describe cloud computing1079,98220,24
sonicwall port forwarding88069,85219,99
solarwinds aws monitoring4077,59219,96
can you survive mesothelioma7062,49215,95
amazon web services elastic compute cloud1074,51215,08
need a key made near me2047,93209,44
how to become a medical malpractice lawyer7068,69208,26
smart tv application development1059,75207,61
simple help desk ticket system1065,97207,07
robert shapiro lawyer los angeles3069,26207,07
can you stay on your parents car insurance after marriage2070206,13
how long do mesothelioma claims take7059,39205,75
cloud computing uses server virtualization26069,66204,13
mesothelioma tv commercial5064,21203,75
taking college online1069,48203,48
most secure cloud hosting2075,01203,23
remote call center software1060,81202,38

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